Marseille, New York, NY

For 20 years, Marseille, an upscale French bistro, located blocks from Times Square on Ninth Avenue in New York City, was a mainstay for lunch and dinner for Broadway theatergoers and tourists. When the pandemic hit in March 2020 and closed indoor dining, it wreaked havoc on the New York restaurant scene including Marseilles.

Simon Oren, Marseille’s founder, saw the pain that the pandemic was exerting on the citizens of the city, leading to rising unemployment.  The owners changed its name to Bouillon Marseille, altered its menu, and turned it into a moderate-priced eatery. “That was the best way to serve our neighbors. You’re going to have a French experience at half the price that you get in a similar restaurant.”   CT18 bistro chairs and CT16 Blue chairs

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