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Werzalit Standard Table Tops

In the restaurant business, hospitality business or at home table tops must withstand tremendous abuse, scratches, acids, grease.

The table tops from Werzalit shrug it all off without a trace. Their patented manufacturing process makes the table tops impervious thermal and chemical Effects. The décor or material based designs are pressed homogeneously against the wood material to create a smooth closed surface that is easy to clean and satisfies the hygienic requirements of the restaurant business.

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Werzalit tabletops can withstand sun, rain, ashes, acid and grease. They can be used Indoors or outdoors. They are practically impervious to mechanical, thermal and Chemical influences.

Same finish and quality as our standard collection – All is needed is an image with 300 dpi minimum or 160-200 dpi in final size image. Delay about 5 weeks upon receipt of your picture. Minimum requested for a special production 5 tops for each size of your need. Tops can be made in the same dimensions of the regular Werzalit table tops.


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